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Movie Review: Bhaag Johnny – Johnny woe-begone


Cast: Kunal Khemu, Zoa Morani, Mandana Karimi

Director: Shivam Nair

Rating: * *                

Runtime: 126 mins

‘Bhaag Johnny’ had a decent enough idea to flag. A guy caught for insider trading is blackmailed into killing a girl (Zoa Morani) by his cougar boss (Manasi Scott). Is it such a tough ask is my question to Vikram Bhatt who is credited with writing the story.

Murder is after all a bigger crime and if he gets caught , which he eventually will, given the predisposition of his Boss lady and his own complicity in playing weak, it will all be over for him. But the writer tweaks the scenario further by bringing into play a genie (Vikram Bhatt) who offers Johnny the chance to try out both scenarios and see each to it’s own conclusion. And from therein the chase begins. The clock starts ticking and Johnny has two lives to lead -running simultaneously so-to-speak. On the one hand he has the girl whom he is supposed to kill and on the other he has a girl friend (Mandana Karimi), an interpreter in the American Embassy who also moonlights as a hacker when called for. The going gets hot and pacy for the hero in the next three days where he is called upon to romance his love on the one hand and parallel-  fight off baddies to save the other girl. So what happened to his initial conflict one would justifiable ask?

Well, there’s little reason to work our heads into a lather over that. While the story is interesting, the treatment and structure don’t quite fit in. Kunal doesn’t appear quite convinced about what he had to do and that shows. Zoa and Mandana don’t look so hot on the performance front either. Music, direction, choreography and action are indistinctive. So there’s precious little purchase to be had here.