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Movie Review: Barkha – Old-fashioned twisted Romantic drama


Cast: Taaha Shah, Sara Loren, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Shweta Pandit, Raashul Tandon

Director: Shadaab Mirza

Rating: * *

Scripted and Directed by Shadaab Mirza, ‘Barkha’ is but a twisted old fashioned love story with passable music and reasonably likeable performances.

Jatin Sabharwal(Taaha Shah), a wealthy lawyer(Puneet Issar)’s son, interning in his father’s law practice falls for a pretty damsel while on holiday in Himachal. It’s love at first sight for him at least. For her it takes a little more time and some strong effort on his part. But before that there are plenty of hurdles in his path. When he returns to Mumbai, he finds her dancing in a dance bar. The proprietor is protective of all his bar girls and claims them to be virtuous and unblemished by their seedy moorings. But Jatin is unable to come to terms with her profession and unable to kill the love and attraction he feels for her.

All this in fact comes to us in flashback just after jatin rushes to hospital for a family emergency  and then jets off to a book release function where he is the chief guest. While doing the book reading of ‘AKS’ he starts being haunted by images of his past , jumping to his mind from the book. thereafter he tries to find the anonymous author… and the rest is romantic kitsch.

The story plays out like a reinvented ‘Ram Teri Ganga maili’ where the soiled dove and a high society professional get entangled in a love –romance that sees tragedy before it can culminate in a happily ever after.

The production values are spiffy, the cinematography is visually appealing and the music sets off a soft romantic feel to the narration that gets twisted and a overwrought over a questionable profession. Sara Loren is lovely to look at and has tremendous sensual appeal but her performance is not all that striking. Taaha Shah has loads of talent but his height might be a deterrent to a mainstream hero role. in this film he does well to give a defined performance. Priyanshu and Shweta Pandit are also quite likeable and distinctive in their respective roles. Him, as Barkha’s brother figure and She , as Barkha’s  colleague. The film looks good, is short on runtime and harbors on  old-fashioned hysterics. Likeable but not exactly enjoyable!