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Moods of Crime – Theory of Disengagement



Cast: Ayaz Ahmed, Anima Pagare, Upekkha Jain, Hemant Dedhia

Director: Sunil Shah

Rating:       * *

Runtime: 115 mins

This is the kind of designated thriller that looks good on paper but fails to provide any thrills in it’s cinematic essay. Two psychology students (Ayaz Ahmed, Anima Pagare) are  bustling with ideas when their professor Pooja (Upekkha Jain) entrusts them with a project that involves criminal psychology. They need to understand how a criminal mind works and of that they have to devise petty crimes which they can get away with.

 Both are imaginative and eager pupils and get quite entrenched in their project work to the extent that they are lured further into the dark side. When they go back to their professor for help out of this hell hole, a trauma awaits.

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Constructed to mislead, this film tries to play smart but comes out as foolish. The young couple die at the end and the explanation given is a little too trick happy and conspicuously unconvincing. There are no thrills here. The acting is put on and the treatment has little guile worthy enough to draw the interest of the viewer. Such is the nature of the desi genre beast these days.