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Mona_Darling: A totally confused sci-fi horror thriller whodunit


Film: Mona_Darling

Cast: Sanjay Suri, Anshuman Jha, Harsh Nagar, Divya Menon, Suzanna Mukherjee, Shashi Sudigala

Director: Shashi Sudigala

A totally confused, haphazardly cut and ineptly narrated sci-fi horror whodunit, this film is a wild goose chase through the remote regions of a college campus in search of a missing person following the gruesome murder of four students.

The film opens with a sex scene and then progresses to a murder. We then realize another three murders have occurred in the same fashion. The cops are on the scene and students are in panic mode. Mona who was a recent victim to social media shaming has disappeared and her friend Sara (Divya Menon) traumatised by the loss of her own sister, is hell bent on not repeating the same mistakes. The Principal (Sanjay Suri) doesn’t appear very alarmed given the negative publicity that could harm the college’s reputation.

Instead he tells his students to stay calm and together to fend off any similar event in future. Timelines criss-cross as Wiki (Anshuman Jha), a computer geek, is forcibly roped in to decode the mystery behind the disappearance, by Divya. After that the situation gets totally out of hand. Links are thrown in verbally without any substantiation and they eventually lead to a program that is having its trial run at the expense of the students’ lives.

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There’s neither logic nor intelligence in the linkup between brain waves and a computer program meant to keep a dead person alive – which suddenly goes into error mode and kills off living beings. It’s a weird story that has no basis in science or logic. The performances are shady and shifty and everyone looks suspicious. And the climax is so stupid it’s almost laughable. How the hell is anyone going to be scared of this one?