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Miss Teacher: Bountiful sleaze fest


Film: Miss Teacher

Cast: Kamalika Chanda, Resham Thakkar, Rahul Sharma, Mustaq Khan, Adi Irani

Director: Jay Prakash Shaw

Jay Prakash Shaw (Director of Manisha Koirala Starrer ‘Market’) dips liberally into sleaze for this, his next offering. Not that ‘Market’ was remarkable in any way other than for Manisha Koirala’s presence redeeming it. He opens ‘Miss Teacher’ with a narrator explaining what nymphomania is all about. And yes you get the picture right away. Enough reasons there to show nudity and sex in ample measure while hoodwinking the censors into an A certificate.

Tanvesh(Rahul Sharma) and Sehar (Resham Thakkar) are young college sweethearts. Their parents were once friends too. Their college gets a new teacher Rose Dey (Kamalika Chanda) who looks hot and sexy and gets all the young men drooling at her every move. Rose is a nymphomaniac and goes through several men before her feral sights rest on Tanvesh. He is prime meat for the culling given that Sehar is too old-fashioned to fulfil his sexual needs. Sehar finds the two in bed and breaks off the relationship. Tanvesh is suitably remorseful and wants to make amends but Rose is not willing to let him go and things just go haywire from thereon.

The story is pretty hackneyed and the explanation given for Rose’s condition is just laughable. This is a blatant, in-your-face attempt to lure the audience in by a no-holds-barred display of flesh. No two ways about that.

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