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Mirror Game: Ab Khel Shuru: An end without the means


Cast: Parvin Dabbas, Pooja Batra, Sneha Ramchander, Dhruv Bali, Omi Vaidya, Shanti Akkineni

Director: Vijit Sharma

A professor of psychology ailing from schizophrenia (entirely incidental), Jay Verma (Parvin Dabbas) decides to avenge infidelity by his wife (Shanti Akkineni) with the help of her lover, Ronnie (Dhruv Bali), a student at the university he teaches in.

While the cinematography and lighting lend depth and tempo to the narration. the plotting of the evil deed is hopelessly contrived, short changed and manipulative. The logical flow is missing and the criminal psychologist, Dr Roy’s (Pooja Batra) analysis on the murder mystery sounds ridiculous.

Jay Verma did not need to be schizophrenic to plot a murder as there’s little justification regarding his illness being responsible for his criminal act. And his so-called brilliance is moot because the director uses far too many short-cuts to be able to establish that convincingly.

These kinds of insensitive, irresponsible films tend to vilify mental illness at a time when society is opening up to become more accepting of the same. Vijit Sharma should have done some serious homework to understand the mechanics of mental illness before he embarked on this far-fetched un-enlivening and sorry tale.