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J D: Decomposed Expose


About a journalist’s sensational rise and eventual downfall following a rape allegation, this film bears parallels to the Tarun Tejpal story but unfortunately has little interest in portraying the media industry as it is in real life.

Scripted by Shailendra Pandey and Kumar Vijay, the narrative delineates Jai Dwivedi’s (Lalit Bisht) rise in print journalism- from a reporter of a small-time newspaper in Lucknow to the publisher of a magazine JD a.k.a Journalism Redefined.

Highly sexed, this man of the moment teams up with the editor Noor (Vedita Pratap Singh) from his magazine and also takes his chances with the nubile young ones employed in his organisation. JD gets charged with raping a journalist from his own magazine, and then it’s left to his lawyer (Aman Verma) to fight the courtroom battle to free him. Amar Singh plays the role of a politician caught in a sex-tape scandal while Govind Namdeo is the fraudster/Scamster uncle who funds the journalist’s rise to Magazine Publisher grade.

This film is shoddily strung together and makes the media look like a third-rate entity embroiled in underhand dealings. There’s hardly any grit or gumption coming through in this unremarkable, unhinged version of the so-called ‘Front Page’ news it wishes to shed light on. Really unpalatable this!