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Ishq Junoon: Get sizzled to a frazzle


Film: Ishq Junoon: The Heat is on

Cast: Rajbir Singh, Divya Singh, Akshay Rangshahi, Raj Aryan, Reshad Dilwar Khan

Director: Sanjay Sharma

This one is about a threesome. Pakhi (Divya Singh), a free spirited small town girl from a hill state, sheds the shackles of a conservative family and an understanding boyfriend to come to the city and live out her dream.

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On the pretext of becoming an airhostess she enrols in a college and sets out to live the fun life. Binge drinking, bed hopping, whoring – you ask her and she is open to the fast life.

But before she can get entrenched in the ‘bad,’ Raj (Rajbir) a rich, handsome owner of a tattoo parlour, rescues her and they fall in instant lust. Pakhi believes she’s onto a good thing until she meets Veer (Akshay Rangshahi), Raj’s best friend, who happens to be richer and therefore more desirable to her than Raj.

The story seems tailor-made for risqué behaviour and ample displays of naked flesh. There are of course no inhibitions here other than that of the writing- which seems terribly contrived, ill advised and completely narcissistic in assay.

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You neither can make sense of the characters nor their actions. Every act is designed to titillate. Unfortunately the actors themselves look and behave like they are in a drug induced haze throughout. I guess anyone would have to be if they had to get through this..!