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Ishq Click – Convoluted Romantic drama


ishq-click movie review

Cast: Adhyayan Suman, Sara Loren, Keshav Arora, Sanskriti Jain

Director: Anil Ballani

Rating: * 1/2

Runtime:138 mins

A love story that goes haywire in the telling of it, this Anil Ballani film uses materialism, love, revenge and melodrama to get it’s narrative through to the climax.

But it’s neither intriguing nor entertaining. Aditya Vardhan (Adhyayan Suman) a budding photographer bumps into Sophia (Sara Loren) in Darjeeling. He sees potential in her and invites her down to Mumbai to help her pursue a career in modeling. They get involved and just when Sophia begins to weave dreams of a happily ever after with him, he dumps her to marry Ira (Sanskriti Jain), a successful photographer’s daughter. Aditya in fact got her to take him under her wings and bankroll his extravagances. But once Ira gets to know about his past with Sophia, she accuses him of infidelity and even teams up with Sophia to take revenge on the cad. But things are never as cut and dried as they seem at first.

The film fails to generate interest or provide entertainment. The writing is devoid of craft and the plotting fails to narrow down the odds. The teaming up of the two exes doesn’t come through convincingly. In fact it seems more like a contrivance meant to give the story a new twist and direction. To add to that, none of the actors rise above the cardboard cutouts the characters represent. Even the music is forgettable. So the audience really has nothing to hold on to here.