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Fuddu: Short & sweet engagement


Film: Fuddu
Cast: Shubham, Swati Chopra
Director: Sunil Subramani

Anurag Basu’s long-standing AD Sunil Subramani gets his first break as director with plenty of support from the Anurag Basu coterie. That explains the long list of grateful acknowledgements to several top stars, in the credits.

So don’t get mislead by Sunny Leone and Sharman Joshi getting top-billing in the posters and publicity material for this film. This film is not about them. This film is a completely engaging and endearing slice-of-life tale with a song picturised on Sunny Leone and Sharman Joshi serenading the closing credit sequence.

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Mohan (Shubham), has moved from Banaras to Mumbai city, shifting in with his older brothers and their families in a one room-Kitchen and bath, in a chawl located near Byculla, South Mumbai. His native naiveté is challenged by his sudden exposure to city life where space goes at a premium and people have little privacy to indulge themselves in nocturnal proclivities.

He gets a job in a ladies inner wear marketing firm and gets persuaded by his brothers to get married. He likes the girl his sisters-in-law select and is literally rushed into the marriage. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get the time or space for the niceties of courtship and post marriage there is just no privacy to indulge in marital consummation.

His wife is disappointed and thinks he is impotent and therefore goes back to her own home. The rest of the film focuses on finding him a way out of his predicament with able help from Sam, a colleague-turned friend who happens to have some problems (hinted at) of his own.

This film takes you back in time to Basu Chatterjee and Hrishikesh Mukherjee days when slice-of-life films were lapped up by the educated middle class audience. This film though well-made, is encrusted in a definitely chauvinistic male point-of-view and treats the disappointed wife as a possession to be staked a claim on.

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If you can overlook that blemish, then this film is imminently watchable. It’s both endearing and ensnaring with a amiable tempo, gritty camerawork, sublime background score, charming first time performances and crisp, unspoiled narration!