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Dongri Ka Raja: Looks like a melange of various B’wood flicks


Film: Dongri Ka Raja

Cast: Gashmeer Mahajani, Ashmit Patel, Ronit Roy, Reecha Sinha, Ashwini Kalsekhar

Director: Hadi Ali Abrar

A putrefied tale of love, betrayal and revenge, this contrived drama set in the underbelly of Mumbai- Dongri, has two wannabes (a muslim and a Hindu) fighting it out for supremacy in the underworld stakes.

That vicious tussle plays out in the background while in the foreground there’s Sharpshooter Raja(GashmeerMahajani) the adopted son of the reigning emperor of terror Mansoor Ali(Ronit Roy), falling for Shruti(Reecha Sinha) who claims to run an NGO and is quick to laud her own dancing abilities.

But their love can never be because Mansoor Ali doesn’t like his son taking independent decisions while Raja is already under the radar of Police Inspector Siddhant(Ashmit Patel) who keeps butting into the young lovers’ lives just when it seems like smooth sailing.

There’s also a stupid unpalatable twist that makes the entire narrative seem quite hare-brained and totally devoid of logic.

The music though peppy, sounds like something we’ve heard a zillion times before. There’s nothing unique or original here. Sunny Leone’s item number is imminently forgettable. The narrative keeps harping on familiar tried and tested tropes from Parinda, Satya, Dayavan, Company and many others of it’s ilk.

The scripting and characters appear like amalgamations from successful Bollywood films and fail to generate interest because of it. Ronit Roy makes for a chilling act as Mansoor Ali and Gashmeer Mahajani, who made his debut in a Marathi film last year, has a strong enough screen presence and throw of voice to be noticeable. The rest are mere cogs in the wheel. This film may not be boring, but it’s not entertaining either!