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Darr@The Mall: Sappy ghost story


Darr@the mall

Darr@the mall Film: Darr@The Mall

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Nusrat Bharucha, Asif Basra, Arif Zakaria

Director:  Pawan Kripalani

Pawan Kripalani impressed with Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Ragini MMS’ but ‘Darr @ The Mall’, does not have the same gravitating force. Designed to be a horror film, this one lacks scares. It’s basically a revenge drama set around a land-grab issue and the generic moments come off quite neatly but the audience is never affected by it.

Amity Mall has been plagued by inexplicable accidents. The promoters though are all set to have a big re-opening party, Item dance et al, to imbue confidence in potential visitors. But concomitant deaths make the going difficult and when the new Chief of Security Vishnu (Jimmy Shergill) takes guard, it’s already too late.

Aneja (Arif Zakaria), Khan(Asif Basra), their friends, children and supporting staff are all in for some horrifyingly gory treatment. No prizes for guessing who the real culprits are here. The body count keeps getting incremented as the narrative progresses.

There are not many surprises here and neither are the effects exactly believable. There even comes a point, post interval where a character is resurrected and put through the grind again. Actually speaking, there’s very little that is convincing here. Ahana(Nushrat Bharucha) is supposedly in love with her boy-friend,  yet when called aside for a cosy moment with him, she refuses. Soon enough he meets a gory death and in quick succession so do the other youngsters who keep going off alone despite knowledge of the strange goings-on.

Jimmy Shergill, who gets lumped with an ineffectual role (even though he is both Vishnu and Arjun in the film), is the only one who stays on the credit side of things here. A back-story that bears close resemblance to the one in ‘The Conjuring,’ can do little to justify or elevate things. The ‘item number’ is shabby and the production design quite sub-standard. You just have to go with the flow I guess. Most horror aficionados would. I am not one of them. For me, this script is simply lacklustre. No scares, no jumpy moments just a lot of set-up and ketch-up!