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Awesome Mausam: ‘Tragic’ romantic charade


Film: Awesome Mausam

Cast: Rahul Sharma, Ambalika Sarkar, Mukesh Tiwari, Suhasini Muley, Prince Sondhi

Director: Yogesh Bharadwaj

This love story between a Hindu boy, Rahul Sharma (Rahul Sharma) and Muslim girl, Ghazal Siddiqui (Ambalika Sarkar) invokes the ‘Laila-Majnu’ track to drive home it’s legendary leanings. Unfortunately there’s really nothing much to recommend here save for a few lines of stinging thought-provoking dialogue.

Rahul and Ghazal perform the Laila-Majnu play in their college and eventually fall in love. But the girl’s uneducated, successful land shark, father, Siddiqui (Mukesh Tiwari) is livid about the pairing and puts up hurdles in their way. An NGO, basically a website tiled ‘Love Guard,’ started by Arjun – a love-loss survivor, hopes to help and protect such couples achieve happily ever after. Rahul and Ghazal seek out his help but will that be enough to withstand the entire onslaught that Siddiqui has in store for them?

This film delivers its plea for Hindu-Muslim amity without much finesse or interest, it’s all been done before and love stories of this nature and bent have become stale and passé. The lead performers are also not significantly worthy. Mukesh Tiwari and Suhasini Muley are the only actors who try to raise the level of this drama to stinging heights.

The songs are boring and there are just too many of them. The cinematography is passable and the direction is lacklustre. Some of the dialogues by Adesh K Arjun are worthy of debate but largely it’s been there, done that territory we’re looking at.

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