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1:13:7 Ek Tera Saath: A Date with Chicanery


A sordid tale of treachery with fake allusions to reincarnation, set in a Royal Rajputana of decrepit Pink stoned palaces with royalty that wears it’s heirlooms without the bearing of yore, this film has TV actor Ssharad Malhotra playing troubled heir apparent Aditya, whose family and love were lost in flames during a factory fire .

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His guardians – an aunt and uncle living in a neighbouring palace fort are intent on getting him to marry again. But the disturbed Prince prefers to live with the ghosts of his recent past-ones who speak to him of their hearts desires and directs him through his current existence.

A businessman is found murdered outside the palace and a cop (Deepraj Rana) comes to investigate but the Princely raja will not be troubled by this ‘runk.’ Then comes the old flame Sonali (Melanie Nazareth) who herself has just recovered from the loss of a husband and is ripe to rekindle an old love.

They cavort around for a bit, but the restless ghost of Aditya’s wife Kasturi (Hritu Dudani) will not allow Sonali an easy way into the heart of her husband. So Aditya and Sonali escape to Delhi only to bump into a Kasturi lookalike. Aditya believes she is Kasturi and the Sonali and the lookalike try to prove otherwise. It’s a belittleing face-off that has little reason and even less logic to bind it. And then comes the twist.

The story is outlandish, there’s little room for reality to seep in. The music is off putting and the songs only add to the tedium. None of the actors make any effort to be their characters and you couldn’t blame them for that because the writing is so slip-shod and fanciful that it might have been difficult for them to correlate with what was happening.

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Ssharad Malhotra is in TV mode throughout, he has those typical statuesque postures and wears the most ugly costumes. The director doesn’t appear to have got the hang of this medium. There’s nether tension or mood here – just a lot of hocus pocus that doesn’t make any sense.