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Momoa wants to watch ‘Aquaman’ with kids


Jason Momoa, who shot to fame as Khal Drogo of “Game of Thrones”, says he is excited about his standalone “Aquaman” movie as he wants to watch it with his children.The actor, who is married to Lisa Bonet and has two children, also admitted that he hasn’t “made too many movies” that his children could watch.

“The cool thing about Aquaman is that it’s an origin story, and where we start and where we end up is just going to be amazing.  It really is a beautiful movie, and I feel really lucky to be part of it.  James is fantastic to work with and what we shot down there in Australia was incredible,” Momoa said in a statement.

Talking about the film, Momoa said: “We’ve never seen an epic adventure under the ocean like this, and we haven’t seen an undersea world like the one we’re creating in the movie.  I’m already excited to watch the movie with my children, and for other kids to see it. My son plays with Batman non-stop and it’ll be cool to see what he thinks now that there are Aquaman action figures. I haven’t made too many movies that my children have gotten to watch, so I’m really looking forward to that.” “Aquaman” is slated for 2018, but Momoa will debut as Aquaman in “Justice League”.