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Mom makes Huma Qureshi proud


Given the success that has been around Huma Qureshi always, it is obvious that she has always made of her mother’s achievements! But when asked if she feels the pride in her own achievements, Huma was quick to say it is her mother’s achievements that are making her more proud.

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It is known to all that Huma has always credited her mother for being a strong woman-figure in her life, encouraging her every step of the way.

The actress couldn’t be prouder at the moment as her mother, Amina Qureshi, was recently honored at the 9th National Women’s Excellence Awards, organized by the Ministry of Doner in association with Indo European Chambers of small and medium industries.

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Huma’s mother won an award for her work in Gurez, their native village in Kashmir – Amina Qureshi apart from opening a masjid on her ancestral land, is in the process of building a school and organizing life skill training programs for young children. She even helped in organizing relief funds, blankets and utilities during the floods in Kashmir. Kudos, truly for Mrs. Qureshi who has made not only her immediate family but all of us proud and thankful.