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‘Molly’s Game’ a relevant movie on sexual misconduct


“Molly’s Game”, which is on female empowerment, is a very relevant movie, given the recent wave of sexual misconduct claims, says its executive producer, Leopoldo Gout.In “Molly’s Game”, actress Jessica Chastain plays Molly Bloom, a tough Olympic-class skier who ran an ultra-exclusive high-stakes poker game in Los Angeles and New York where the players were almost entirely men.

While the sleekly-dressed Bloom gets a few compliments from the men at her table, including a drunken profession of love, she doesn’t experience anything close to the sexual harassment or assault allegations that have dominated the headlines in recent weeks.

Still, Bloom’s story is a timely tale of female empowerment, reports”In this moment in time when there’s kind of a call of arms for women to say, ‘Enough is enough’, I think it’s a very relevant movie,” said Gout, who met Bloom while she was still running her New York game.

Bloom herself agrees that the film is timely but added that she didn’t encounter that sort of inappropriate behaviour while she was running her games.