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MJ found Prince to be one of the rudest person



Melbourne: More evidences of Michael Jackson and Prince’s long-running unrest have come forth, when both are resting in peace.

Snippets from a never-released interview with the King of Pop from the late 1980s showed Jackson describing Prince as “one of the rudest people I have ever met,” reports

The ‘Dangerous hit-maker, who died in 2009, told the interviewer that Prince was “very competitive” and believed the ‘Purple Rain’ singer’s desperation to outdo him was dangerous.

“He feels like I’m his opponent,” Jackson said, adding “I hope he changes because boy, he’s gonna get hurt. He’s the type that might commit suicide or something.”

In the audio, MJ also mocked Prince over an incident at a 1983 James Brown tribute show.

Both of them performed with Brown on stage, but Prince fell into the crowd when he leant on a lamppost without realising it was a fake prop.
“He made a fool of himself,” Jackson said about the incident.

Although, there were plenty of similarities between the two legends as both of them dominated the charts with their own unique spin on music, which has become the classics they are today.

Both stars were known for being reclusive and hiding away from the public eye, each had their own large estates they called home – MJ’s Neverland Ranch and Prince’s Paisley Park estate.