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Miss World Manushi Chillar and Mallika Sherawat welcome the move of removal of GST from sanitary pads


Government made women across India very happy as they removed sanitary pads from GST list. Few months earlier sanitary pads were taxed at 12% under GST. This made a lot of people angry which triggered a lot of protests and several several petitions against it.

Years before GST, sanitary pads ware taxed high. This removal proves that it was long fought battle, Girls in rural India not used to go to schools because of lack of sanitary pads. Not to mention the hygiene issue faced by them considering lack of toilets and other facilities. This removal opens up many new opportunities for the girls of rural India.

After the removal of GST from sanitary pads, Manushi Chhillar said, “When a girl understands that her body is a gift and doesn’t limit her in any way is when she will truly feel empowered. The revised GST on sanitary pads will surely make more girls feel that their needs are respected and menstruation doesn’t limit them in any way”

Here is what Mallika Sherawat had to say about the issue and as quoted by Miss Malini, “It’s a step in the right direction. Sanitary pads are a necessity, not a luxury and this move will truly make menstrual hygiene accessible & affordable to many”

There are few more products that had their GST either removed or reduced. While there is a lot of praise for this move, a lot of people are also saying it’s just a move to help with the upcoming elections.