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MeToo: ‘I am heartbroken, he was like family’ Director Onir on actor Zain Durrani after Saloni Chopra’s allegations


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As many women are coming forward with their sexual harassment stories, names from different fields are being shamed for alleged sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse. With Nana Patekar – Tanushree Dutta, Vikas Bahl and Alok Nath scenarios grabbing headlines, another name that has come in limelight and it is filmmaker Sajid Khan.

MTV actress Saloni Chopra has accused him of sexually harassing her when she was very new to the industry. Saloni Chopra also accused actor Zain Durrani who debuted  in director Onir’s  uchh Bheege Alfaaz.

Talking about the allegations Onir spoke about hid debutante actor Zain Durrani whom he launched for the film Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz. In an interview with Zoom TV, Onir said, “It really broke my heart. I have seen someone whom I have trained, mentored for a long time, it’s hard because a lot of things fitted in. I am scared of newcomers because so much time and money in launching them and you later realise it turned about to be someone like this and I decided to give her whatever little strength I have, there was very little press to talk to her at that time unfortunately but we spoke and I decided that I will inform everybody whom I know, casting directors. It takes a lot of courage to speak. And a lot of people have asked me not to talk about it, don’t get involved.”

Talking about Zain, Onir further said “And I will feel a lesser human being if I don’t stand up for it. When I read this blog of hers I was more shocked. What all people have gone through, it is horrible. For me I found it hard to realise, how could I be so blind? I’ve had great relationships with all my actors and Zain was like family. I loved him dearly. I was heartbroken. For me, he was the perfect boy. But he has realised what he has done is wrong,”

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