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Mariah Carey demands tea during live performance


Singer Mariah Carey stopped her New Year performance here halfway and demanded “hot tea”. Carey made a return to New York City on Sunday to celebrate New Year, following her 2016 performance debacle, reports

“Happy New Year. I just want to take a sip of tea, if they’ll let me,” Carey said while looking around herself seemingly in the hope that an assistant would bring her the hot beverage.”They told me there would be tea,” she continued, but still no tea was provided.

“Oh! It’s a disaster! Ok, well we’ll just have to rough it. I’ll just be like everybody else with no hot tea,” Carey complained.

However, following her performance, the 47-year-old updated fans as she posed sipping from a cup on Instagram. She wrote: “Found my tea!”Carey’s chaotic 2016 performance went through technical fault that saw her shuffling around the stage without singing.