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Mallika Dua narrates horrific molestation incident, and the details will shock you


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Comedian and actress Mallika Dua had shared her horrifying story of molestation when she was 7. Mallika had shared her story on her Facebook and Instagram account.  “Me too… In my own car. My mother was driving while he sat at the back with his hand under my skirt the whole time. I was 7. My sister was 11. His hands went everywhere inside my skirt and my sister’s back. My father who was in a different car dislocated the bast**d’s jaw with his bare hands later that night,” she wrote.

Mallika is the daughter of well-known Indian journalist Vinod Dua and has appeared in the Bindass web series “The Trip” and in the movie Hindi Medium. She is also known for her content on Snpachat, Instagram and Facebook. Recently, Mallika was recently let go from Akshay Kumar’s reality TV show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge along with fellow comedian Zakir Khan.

Celebrities around the globe are talking about molestation which they have faced in their life, recently many Hollywood actresses sparked the row when they were molested by Hollywood’s famous producer Harvey Weinstein,After New York Times ran a series on his acquisitions, many Hollywood celebrities have come forward to recount how they had to suffer a kinky Weinstein. These included Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have accused the movie mogul of sexually harassing them as they recalled their traumatic experiences.

Bollywood actresses like Sonam Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin had also spoken about how they were molested when they were kid.. “I have been molested when I was younger and it’s traumatising,” said an emotional Sonam.