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Malice in Wonderland! PeeCee Nick’s engaging roka to Varun Dhawan’s strange penchant


Bareilly meets New York

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Of course, Tinsel Land’s gori PeeCee, sporting a boulder-sized sparkler on her ring finger, got herself formally engaged in Mumbai to a real gora — her toyboy ‘Nick’elodeon. This, of course, gave our ‘botox overdosed’ Bolly stars who were invited, a shot to show off their fake desi American twangs on poor Nick’s parents who just couldn’t make out head nor tail of what they said. But it didn’t matter… the ‘Bareilly meets New York’ roka was super dhamakedaar replete with Bollywood bosom heaving ‘n’ hip shaking, flowing rivers of alcohol and delectable hors d’œuvres.

Tit for tat However, there was one thing that stood out like a sore thumb… Piggy Chops had strangely enough supposedly ‘forgotten to invite’ our leggy lass Deepika Padukone… though she invited her Bajirao co-star and Deepi’s (still in the closet) boyfriend Ranveer Singh. This must have made Deepi see crimson red. But karma sure is a bitch… and the devious dimpled Deeps is making sure that she’s having the last laugh… After all, don’t forget that the ‘still under wraps, though the world knows every detail’ wedding of the decade of Deeps and Ranveer Singh is slated for November this year – that too at a picturesque venue at Lake Como in Italy. And this time ’round, the ‘sweet as sugar’ Deepika is making sure that the gold embossed personal invite to one particular Piggy Chops does a Houdini act. How’s that for just desserts?!

Silly games
Tch Tch… Talking about the ‘un’sacred games DeepVeer play… Though abroad, these two love birds have been spotted smoochin’ passionately and walkin’ hand in hand like lovers, here ironically, the delusional two still pretend that the stork brings in the babies …and play a game of hide ‘n’ seek with the shutterbugs. Ah yes, we do spot some coquettish Insta replies from Deepika or a couple of purple bleeding hearts from Ranveer but duhhh… could Deepika and Ranveer just stop their silly closet games and come out in the open. Love is not a cuss word, you know!

Chocolate compensationSpeaking of the games people play, lets hear it for our smart cookie Anushka Sharma. A little birdie informed us that right after her marriage, flushed with the kiss of true love, Anushka sashayed back home to a huge welcome from her team. After much muah muah and pouted air kissing, the team screamed out ‘party’ expecting band baaja and baarat… But Anushka hit the bat along with the ball out of the park… Supposedly, she whisked out a measly chocolate and handed it over to the stumped team members. Hmmm… the thought counts, we guess.

Painful charadeSince we did start off talking about closets, nawty boy Varun Dhawan too has jumped onto the bandwagon. We’re talking about Varun’s strange penchant for keeping his ‘Rapunzel’ locked up… Though he carts his lady love Natasha Dalal all over the place from London to Timbuktu, ask him about her, and he mumbles, “Ah, I prefer not talking about this’. Gosh, this silly cloak ‘n’ dagger shrouded secrecy act of our macho actors is sure getting painful. Peeps, it’s a myth that married actors don’t have a female fan following. Don’t believe us? Ask SRK, Aamir Khan, Shahid Kapoor…

Perfect strategy

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In fact, the 50-plus Aamir Khan is one step better. He has worked on the perfect strategy of keeping wifey Kiran happy. Not only does he take her out for many romantic dinners, he also showers her with innumerable gifts. But my nasty l’il mind wonders… Is he really that romantic or does he wants his wife to take her suspicious mind off one Ms Shaikh who, we are told, Aamir is quite fond of? Don’t believe us… ask Ms Kaif who lives in sheer terror that the scissor happy Aamir will cut her scenes in Thugs of Hindostan to lengthen the Dangal gal’s screen time.
That’s all for now, sweeties… Next time, I’ll be back with more pitchin’, snitchin’ and bitchin’. Ta ta…

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