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Mahika Sharma lashes out at Rakhi Sawant, alleges she made fun of North East woman


Rakhi Sawant has recently shared a video of a North East woman singing Hindi song. After seeing this video, actress Mahika Sharma got angry with Rakhi’s gesture of sharing a video on social media. Shockingly, Mahika has now sought an apology from Rakhi else has warned her about going legal.

Watch the video here:

Good morning sweetheart friends

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Well, the lady can be seen struggling with the Hindi words as many people from the Northeast are not fluent in speaking Hindi. However, Rakhi shared the video, wishing her fans “good morning” but added some emojis that gave a hint that she shared the video just to make fun of the lady. As expected, many started trolling the woman for her voice and Hindi pronunciation.

Being from the North East herself and former Miss Teen Northeast, Mahika Sharma found the video offending. She has not only slammed Rakhi for “making fun” of the lady but also demanded an apology from her for “hurting sentiments” of the NE people. She criticised Rakhi, putting out comments on the post.

“Rakhi should be careful with such posts. Northeast people actually struggle to speak accurate Hindi. The lady in the video is trying to sing a Hindi song and instead of encouraging her, some people misused it and have spread it on social media. This could have been mental harassment for her. So I request people to not show interest to such forwarded videos we receive on our social media or chats. I feel Rakhi should apologise for trolling her and making fun of northeast people. Else she may suffer a legal case soon from NE,” Mahika told in her statement.

However, there has not been any reaction from Rakhi on this line. Meanwhile, Rakhi had earlier apologised to Sunny Leone for making several nasty comments on her in the past. Rakhi had said that she regretted making such comments on Sunny as now she realised the former porn star had been working hard in the industry and has also become a mother.