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Mahika Sharma exposes pervert on Instagram for asking sexual favour!


Ramayana actress Mahika sharma,  exposes pervent on Instagram after he messaged the actress asking for sexual favours. She shared a screenshot of a pervert’s vulgar comment on one of her Instagram posts. The actress shamed the man for the nasty words.

The man had made an extremely abusive comment messaging, asking her for sexual favours. The pervert in his message even suggested mahika to crave for physical intimacy and use his private parts.

Slamming the man for his vulgar remark, Mahika in return trolled back for his wrong english and ask him to learn it.

See the Instagram post here.

Talking on the same actress said, ” We women should always not keep quite we should speak up for our dignity. Not all man are bad, but those who are should be punished back. Social media harassment is at height. And now there is the need to end it.”