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Madonna: Too ‘unpredictable’ to handle


Singer Madonna’s former personal trainer Tracy Anderson has claimed the star was too unpredictable for her.The “Music” hitmaker parted ways with Tracy Anderson in 2009 and the fitness guru has revealed she never knew what to expect when she turned up for her sessions with the star who is now 59, reports

Tracy told the Sunday Times magazine: “Some people are just not what you think. We’re very different. I’m a real softie…If I text Gwyneth (Paltrow), or Jennifer Lopez wants to book a session, or I text Lena (Dunham’, ‘Lena, hey, how are you?’ then I get a text right back. ‘Tracy, my sweetheart, how are youuuuu?’ It’s, like, consistent. I need consistent people in my life. Consistency is like my favourite word.So walking in and not knowing what I might get is tough for me.”

Tracy previously revealed the final straw in her working relationship with the ‘Like a Virgin’ singer was when she missed a musical performance from her son because of a training session with Madonna.She said: “Madonna can demand whatever she wants to demand, she’s Madonna, that’s just what it is. It wasn’t working for me because my demands are, like, I have a kid. When I missed my son’s saxophone concert because of a training session with her, I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ That was it for me.”