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Madhuri Dixit-Nene: I am ticking off my bucket list one step at a time



She has struck a trillion hearts with her enamouring smile and has presented her talent through an array of films. And now she is all set to let you wink and whistle as she makes an entry into the world of Marathi cinema with ‘Bucket List’. In a free-wheeling conversation with DISHA PRASHANT, Madhuri Dixit-Nene speaks about her upcoming film and more

Summer has been making it a point to squeeze the best out of us, however, it is also gifting you the much-awaited Marathi “Bucket List” starring dhak-dhak girl Madhuri Dixit-Nene. An emotional, yet soul soothing journey of self-realisation, the actress shares with us snippets of the film, her family and the changing face of the glam world. Excerpts from the interview:

What was your experience while working on this film?
The experience of working on this celluloid is unparalleled. It was a good choice to do this film. I loved the script as it had a fresh concept, which is why being a part of this film was an excellent experience.

What made you say yes to the film?
I was earlier approached with many scripts, however, nothing clicked the way this story clicked with me. The story in itself is different as it not just speaks about a woman, but about each one of us, irrespective of the gender, who are striving hard to accomplish their bucket list.

Please tell us about your character.
I play a housewife who is happy in her own little world and is busy catering to the demands of a family life. And then comes a turn in her life where she decides to shun her inhibitions and fulfil her dreams, desires and aspirations by ticking every item off her bucket list. And it is through these moments that she manages to discover herself in the end. It is her journey of self-realisation and changing the perception of people around you.

How did you prep for the role?
We had to work on the intonation part as that differs from the way you speak on a formal basis. I belong to Maharashtra and I speak Marathi, but the language that I speak at home is colloquial Marathi, however, it gets a different edge when you speak in front of the camera. So it was necessary to ensure that the diction is immaculate.

We see you riding a bike, learning to whistle and fight with frying pans. What was the most adventurous of these to do?
To be honest, the whole experience of playing this role in itself was adventurous. But if you ask in particular then riding the pillion was arduous and riveting, as was getting drunk in the pub, which was a quirky little adventure.

Just like the protagonist, how do you manage to balance your personal and professional life?
Constant support from my family is what I feel is the true source of energy in my life. My family understands my priorities and commitments and supports me thoroughly. I am blessed to have children who understand my work and that is what I feel helps me strike a balance between my personal and professional life.

Do you have a bucket list?
Absolutely yes. The first thing on my bucket list was to work in a Marathi film, which I have ticked off my list now. Secondly, I wanted to venture into production, and I am producing a Marathi film titled 15th August. It has no historical connection but is a complete family entertainer. I wanted to sing so I made an album. So with each passing day, the bucket list keeps growing.

You are a trained Kathak dancer and have always awed the audience with your dancing. What is your take on the new-age dance forms? 

Each dance form has its own aura and grace. No two dance forms can be compared. Classical dance has its own charm and grace with which it is performed. But not everyone can do a head roll like how the hip-hop dancers do with utmost ease. Even in classical dance, there are a lot of tough movements which need to be performed with precision. If we look at Latino dance form like Salsa, Lambada and so on, so they too are a perfect combo of grace and emotion.

The film industry has changed over the years. Tell us that one thing you wish you had then, which is easily accessible today?
Make-up vans! How I wish they were there back then. I remember sitting on a chair, irrespective of the weather. Come what may, we used to be there. If it ever rained we would rush to our cars and sit there till things became normal. So, definitely, vanity vans are a boon in disguise.

How has the concept of film promotion and marketing changed over the years?
There has been a massive change in the way film promotion and marketing is done today. The rise of social media has become like a gateway for promotion as you need to be active on each one of them. With the team investing a lot of time behind it, it is important to make some noise about your venture and that is happening in today’s time. We have gazillion platforms through which we can bring things to the audience’s attention.

You and Renuka Shahane are working together after 27 years. What was the experience like.
It was emotional and touching to share screen space with her again as we shared an excellent chemistry while filming ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’. Our relationship is bittersweet. She is a fabulous human being and an actress par excellence.

From your first film till now, how has your journey been so far?.
It has been an amazing roller-coaster ride filled with numerous adventures. Also, there have been experiences, which have helped me learn new things and bring that element into my work. The journey has been extremely positive and I wish it stays the same forever.