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Love Ke Funday: Silly & illogical



Film: Love Ke Funday

Cast: Shaleen Bhanot, Ashutosh Kaushik, Puja Bannerjee, Shamiksha Bhatnagar, Rishank Tiwari, Ritika Gulati, Sufi Gulati, Harshvardhan Joshi, Rahul Suri

Director: Indravesh Yogee

A relatively young, fresh star cast, a risqué storyline that appears to receive it’s surge from ‘Bold and Beautiful’ partner swaps and fairly trendy (if not catchy) music don’t necessarily turn a conveniently contrived set-up into a daring unpredictable romantic entertainer.

Four guys and four gals seem to be in a everything-that-goes-around-comes-around relationship tangle and the film makers hope to impress us with the so-called contemporariness of the mostly pitiful plotting. Adman Manan (Rishank Tiwari) and Jassi (Samiksha Bhatnagar) are a married couple, but Manan is also in a adulterous relationship with Annu (Ritika Gulati) a model cum wannabe actress. Annu is also friends with serial womanizer Sandy (Rahul Puri) whose on-off girl friends Sona (Pooja Bannerjee) and another woman have a sweet spot for Aryan (Shaleen Bhanot) who in turn have other women hanging around him with lovelorn ardor.

Then there’s Nikhil (Harshvardhan) and Riya (Sufi Gulati) who are in a comfortable live-in situation until Riya gets the urge to marry. This social whirl has very few choices so looking inward seems to be the only option available.

Every able bodied youngster in this film appears to be changing partners at the drop of a hat until the director decides enough is enough and pairs them up with unconventional glee. But it’s not much of a pretty sight.

The actors are mostly inept and uncharismatic save for Shaleen Bhanot and Shamiksha Bhatnagar. The writing is silly and too trick happy to be logical while the manipulative plotting lays bare the cluelessness of the entire so called ‘romcom’ configuration. You don’t have to look far to understand where these youngsters get their degenerate insights from!