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Love is everything and everywhere, says Manish Paul


The Sultan of Stage, as he’s fondly called, MANIESH PAUL shares with VIRAJ SAWAN this fairytale love story which blossomed over a pair of much-desired shoes…

What is love?

Love is everything and everywhere. I keep telling everybody, you never know when your life will end. ‘Kal ho na ho’. So be happy and love everybody around you. When you sleep at night there should be a smile on your face and not regret or sadness. I get so much love and affection from the audience; I just reciprocate it with my performance on stage.

I married my childhood sweetheart, so for me love is everything. Sanyukta has given me a lot and has been with me through thick and thin. So she’s seen me in the lowest phase of my life and also seen me achieve my goals.

Memory Magic

The sweetest memory of Valentine’s Day is when we had just started dating. Both of us used to live in Delhi back then. Being a college kid, I did not have much money. I remember her telling me that she really liked Reebok shoes. Reebok shoes were very expensive back then and I naturally did not have enough money to buy a pair of sports shoes for her. So I saved some amount of money and took my friend along on a two-wheeler all the way to Gurgaon. Gurgaon was the place for all the factory outlets and somebody had told me that they were offering a discount on shoes. So I got her a pair of Reeboks from there. Even after 15 years or more, that particular Valentine’s Day is still etched in her memory. She always tells me that it’s not about the shoes; it’s about me going all the way to Gurgaon to buy those for her. Such things are very special.

Expert Tips

All I can say is, respect your partner. Never ever take your partner for granted. Never feel shy about telling your partner that you love him or her. In fact, you should say it every day and whenever you can. Don’t waste your time fighting with each other. Make sure you utilise the time you get in a quality way.

Romance Watch

I love the movie P.S. I LOVE YOU. My wife and I are movie buffs and when we watched the film we howled! Then there is NOTEBOOK which is brilliant romantic film. From Bollywood, VEER ZARA is one romantic film that I love.

Film Forecast

I just finished shooting for KATHA and we will get a release date soon. KATHA is a film where I play a Casanova. The character has multiple shades. He is a charmer and also a selfish guy. I am also shooting for the Hindi remake of JATT AND JULIET. Accha lag rahahai, different films are coming my way. BABA BLACK SHEEP is one more film that’s in the pipeline. It’s a thriller directed by VishwasPaandya.

Script Diversity
I won’t say that I am only looking at action, comedy or romance – I am totally open to all genres. At the end of the day, I am an actor and my choice also depends on the films I am offered. Till now it was mainly comedy but I am being approached for different types of films now.

In fact, four or five scripts have come to me which are very different from one another. I am happy being in that zone where people want to experiment with me.

When BABA BLACK SHEEP was offered to me, the director, VishwasPaandya told me that he was also looking at some stunts and action from me for this film. I asked him how my name came to his mind for this film. He said, “Kuchalagkarwaengetohmazzaaatahai.” It feels good to know that people want to see me in different roles and want me to perform differently. The film is a story of a father and son. AnupamKher plays my father. There are a lot of good twists in the film. If I talk more about it my director will kill me! It’s something that I haven’t done before.

Dodging Stereotypes

Thankfully I have never lost out on a good serious role or been stereotyped as a comedian. When I got into comedy, I was told that I would be offered only comedy films in the future. But that did not happen for me. One script that was offered to me had a very grey character for me. I told the director so but he corrected me and told me that my character wouldn’t be a grey one – it would be an out-and-out dark character! I wasn’t questioning the character but I wanted to know why he chose me for that character. He said that, people know I do comedy but people should also see me in this avatar.

Currently in the industry everyone has been trying to do something new. The comic actors are doing action, action ones are doing drama and so on…The biggest example being Akshay Kumar sir. As a member of the audience, I am already excited for his line-up of films this year!