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Love is a feeling just like any other feeling: Freddy Daruwala


The grey-eyed FREDDY DARUWALA goes bad in COMMANDO… and the girls will probably love him even more! He chats all things love with NICHOLA PAIS

What men want
Just like the different qualities women want, men too look for different qualities in women. Men like it when their women are exclusive to them, are able to hold a good conversation and are motherly by instinct.

Bad is better!
I’m still figuring out the definition of a Bad Boy but honestly, I guess they just create more inquisitiveness around them and that is why probably girls want to know more of them and kind of start liking them.

What is love?
Love is a feeling just like any other feeling… there is no description to it… Just surrender to it and it shows you different colours of life.

Maturing Emotions
My definitions of love have changed over the years. Earlier I didn’t know what all it had but now I know there is a lot of comfort, companionship, a lot of understanding, sacrifice, practicalities of life and a little pain that you love to bear.

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Passion Fuel
Once you are in love with each other it is a relationship and to keep the relationship fresh and intact, both the parties need to give each other enough space, respect and support within the peripherals of what they think is fine for them… A small vacation, holidays, dinner, attending concerts, drives, a great sex life will always keep the flame burning.

Humour is hot!
More seriousness makes anything boring!! A love relationship also involves an element of companionship and nobody wants a serious companion! A little laughter will only make life lighter and more interesting. Being humorous is a huge turn on!!

Power Point
When ego comes in, it’s got to be a struggle! Wanting more power comes from one’s insecurities about oneself. Love is a relationship where ‘I’ and ‘You’ becomes ‘Us’ and in such cases one should never try to take over the relationship. Avoid putting your ego into the matter. Surrender yourself to love and let love take over your problems.

You win some…
The younger generation is definitely more open to all sorts of relationships. We are fearless, accepting and forgiving at the same time. Also our generation is much more evolved and has wider horizons of understanding the possibilities of human nature. But our generation is also impatient, which is a big no-no as far as love relationships are concerned. We have a lot of exposure, choices and acceptance that make us way less persevering. Also the dedication and the determination is more on the professional side than the personal side, hence you hardly get to see the old world love stories in our generation.

Love Goals
There are so many relationships around me that inspire me. One such is Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. They both are lovely together, they complement each other so very well and at the same time balance and protect their relationship from getting affected by their professional lives and fame. I love both of them.

Love Byte
There is only one happiness in life and that is to love and to be loved… Surrender yourself to this wonderful feeling and you will find there is another you who’s so pure and giving.