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Love clichés redefined!


He made a mark for himself in Dangal, now he squeezes right into our hearts. Aparshakti Khurrana shares his love bytes with Shubarna Mukerji Shu

Love at first sight
If I were to begin from our early days, I would say we have practically grown up together. We have been friends since our childhood days but funnily enough the thought of dating never occurred to us. That’s when words like fate and destiny come to your mind. I would definitely say it is as if destiny charted its own course and we fell in love. So love at first sight didn’t come into play but somewhere down the line it was as if we realised what we had was special. Without saying much, we were in the same space emotionally. We both were pretty sure that this was it and soon after we got married.

Will you be my Valentine?
How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, we don’t! Truthfully, neither of us really believes in it. Having said that, I would like to clarify that I am all for romance! I still try to woo her, give her small surprises every now and then, get her something – it doesn’t necessary have to be the works but small gestures go a long way. It is essential, like watering a plant, to keep a relationship flourishing and you have to invest these expressions into it. It cannot happen on an assigned day of the year. It has to happen in moments all through your lifetime.

Opposites attract
We are both very different individuals, from very different backgrounds. I am a lawyer turned radio jockey turned actor and she is a business consultant turned entrepreneur, she has just ventured into her own event management company called LaFeria. Because we are so different, it’s amazing to sit at the table at night or go out for long drives and discuss the happenings of the day. I think that really brings us closer to each other. Communication is very important. While intimacy is often considered the epitome of comfort and closeness, people tend to forget one of the most crucial factors that help every relationship – communication! It is very important to talk. We discuss each and everything about our personal and professional life.

I think while we are different enough to have fun together, we are similar enough to spend the rest of our lives together. We are both movie buffs, love to gorge on Butter Chicken and dal and most importantly love our 2 am Masala Chai. We cook our meals together whenever possible, it’s the ‘sensible’ thing to do because then no one person can be blamed for the food going wrong!

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Live, Laugh, Love
Before I met her, I didn’t know the concept of holidays. I worked 24×7. She introduced me to the idea of Sundays and relaxing at home, watching movies/ sitcoms on a laptop, sipping coffee in bed and all this got us closer. I think we totally complete each other and that made our individual life more balanced and meaningful. She gave me what I didn’t have and vice versa. We have started taking vacations together; our most recent ones being to Turkey, Italy and Bali. It’s amazing how travelling can be food for your soul and relationship.

All you need is love
I think what is important to understand is that every relationship works on its own terms. What works for another couple might not work for you. So set your own rules and flow with them. Be selfless. Have the heart to sacrifice for your love. At the end of the day, it only boils down to how happy the both of you are.

People who are in love and are planning to get married, we have one advice for them: Just enjoy your big moment. Don’t be fixed on the stage – we didn’t have any so that we could spend time with our friends and family. We live in a country where, in most regions, marriage is not a celebration but a big project. Thankfully we were able to celebrate it and that makes September 7 the best day of our life followed by December 23 (the release date of DANGAL)!