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Love changes form… says Karan Singh Grover


The dishy Karan Singh Grover believes that you connect with some on a mental level and with some only on a physical level… Pratishtha Malhotra listens in. 

Has there been any love story which has hit you really hard?

There is a film which has Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman, ‘Kate & Leopold’. It is a beautiful film, it is about a guy who travels through time and falls in love with this girl in the present time. He has to one day go back to where he came from, so he leaves without her but their love is so strong that she follows him into the past somehow. That’s nice, makes you feel like even time has no boundaries for love.

What has been your reading of love and how different do you think the reality of it is?

I don’t know, ya. I think there is a big confusion and everyone seems to be in love with the feeling of being in love. They are in love with that euphoria that you feel, that drug effect that you get at that time and everyone is just so addicted to that so you don’t understand the depth of it. It has become so superficial and we have become so small and micro in our own world that we don’t look at the big picture anymore at all. Love changes, it grows, it changes form…after some years you love the person in another way. There are some people who you connect with on a mental level and some who you only connect with at a physical level.

How do you see yourself as a boyfriend…

I am someone who likes to please people, especially the person I am with. If I am with someone, I would treat her as a princess. That is the kind of person I am. If there comes a point in time where I am asked what to do, then I would just want to chill in bed and watch a movie or play playstation but I am normally game for everything.

Beyond a point does it become a matter of comfort rather than being on your toes and running around?

I mean yeah, both are fun if they are done in their own limits. You can’t be a lazy ass and keep lying in bed all the time. That would mean you are taking everything for granted. Then you chill and she will go for dinner with someone else (Laughs)!

Love is thought to be very dramatic when we are in our teens as opposed to being more chilled in our 20s and 30s…

(Laughs) I think it is a very person to person thing. We can’t generalise it because there are so many people who experience different kinds of love at different times. Sometimes you feel like you have been in too many relationships and that you are not going to get into it anymore. Some say that this is it and I am not falling in love again. But things that happen in your life could make you react to it in a different way. So you can have different kinds of love depending on what you have had in your own life. That projects what you want to watch in life too.

What about prepping for the date….

I would like to be on water somewhere and probably it should be like a nice dressed up thing. Quiet, quaint, moonlight, there should be no one else around, maybe just one service person and that is it. A nice meal, depending on whoever I am with.

Any thoughts on where you would want to plan all of this?

I saw this picture of an island called Santorini. You know, after dinner, they have to jump into the water and swim back and yeah…water is fine! See, I have the full date planned. (Laughs)