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Lol! ‘Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan hates being called ‘uncle’; here’s what he has to say



Salman Khan, who has returned as the host on TV, has also returned with his game show ‘Dus Ka Dum’. While the second season has many star-studded guests, it is also filled with some comic anecdotes and funny encounters of Salman. One such intriguing revelation happened whilst shooting one of the recent episodes of the show. During the same, Salman maintained that he hates being called an ‘uncle’.

In the recent episode, Salman Khan, as the dutiful host, asked the contestant, how many per cent of women get angry when they are referred to as aunties? It was during this time, when Salman shared that he dislikes being called uncle, even by children. We are sure his comments would have left around him in splits but it seems that the superstar further explained about it.

Let us tell you that many of them around Salman, including his younger brothers, are married and have kids. It is also a known fact that the actor is quite popular amongst the kiddos. Despite all of these, Salman Khan revealed during the show, reportedly, that he has trained children around him [especially his friends’ kids] not to call him Uncle ever.

However, the actor also agreed that the plan has often failed. He added that children rarely listen to what they are been told and often end up doing the opposite. So his plan of asking them not to do so never worked! Instead, they ended up teasingly and funnily calling him ‘uncle’.

So instead of opting the straight way, Salman Khan, as per reports, found ways to tackle with the situation. Sources in reports have apparently stated that the actor often told children that he wouldn’t meet them or talk them if they continue to call him Uncle. And if these reports are to be believed, the trick seems to have worked. Owing to his fan following amongst children, we aren’t surprised!