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Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t take decisions lightly: Baz Luhrmann


Los Angeles: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio does not play around when it comes to choosing projects, says director Baz Luhrmann.

“Leo is never easy about deciding to do anything,” Luhrmann, who directed the Oscar-winner in the 1996 film “Romeo + Juliet” and “The Great Gatsby” of 2013 said on a radio show, reports

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“He doesn’t make those decisions lightly, and he put me through the hoops in a really good way,” he said of casting DiCaprio in the role.

“It really was about working with Leonardo again and we were always trying to think of something to do and I had to wear him down.”

Recalling how difficult the “decision-making process” was for DiCaprio on “Romeo + Juliet”, the director said: “It was worse! It took longer! But honestly, I admire him for that because the thing about Leonardo, I mean he’s a friend, our families are friends, is that he looks for joy in life, but when it comes to two things, acting and the environment, he just doesn’t take it lightly.”

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While DiCaprio might take his time to pick a new role, Luhrmann said he knew right away the young actor was the perfect choice for his Romeo.

“When I saw Leonardo, and then I thought, God that’s how he should look but can he act,” he explained. “Then I found out he was the preeminent young actor.”

DiCaprio even made a surprise visit to the director’s native Australia for an impromptu audition.

“He came down to Australia for nothing and he brought all these friends and we made a whole video of the show with other actors,” Luhrmann said.

“I won’t say who, it will never be seen, I realised that I couldn’t make it without him.”

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