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Leave ‘em kids alone!


star kids

It is fact that there is a lot of curiosity about star kids, perhaps that’s the reason why these teens cannot enjoy a healthy social-life!

There was a time when actors didn’t allow their kids to be photographed. After all it was not safe for all and sundry to see them. The world can have weird notions about accessing a celebrity and sometimes kids got caught in the cross fire. It was the safest bet to keep them safe.

One way to ensure that their anonymity allowed them a certain amount of space to go on living as children rather than mini-celebrities. But then, out west their Hollywood counter parts started playing up to the papz with the kids, resultant? Back home celebrities got torn between showing off and protecting.

While many are still contemplating the decision, the media has taken over social media and decided to monitor ever upload these kids make. We know more about their friends, than perhaps their parents do. We know exactly how they look in a bikini, and we know which brand of beer they like. Phew! So much for the concept of space.

Recently, the whole media went berserk because someone shared a photograph of  ‘Adira’ well of course, she was not Aditya and Rani’s daughter who everyone was cooing over, but whoever she was, got a whole lot of attention. Let’s not forget how often we see Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter and Shah Rukh Khan’s son in news.

star kids

Their graduation snaps and their party snaps have made us fairly familiar with their friends even. How can someone who is barely young enough to understand what they want in life be prepared to have each and every bit of their social media posts scrutinized.

They definitely cannot share a joke without their parents being hounded by the media for answers, and let’s face it…Most of the kids their age don’t even want their parents to know what they are doing, let along explain it to the world what they intended doing.

“When Athiya was growing up, I had put in some rules in place. I know she is a gorgeous girl, she will want to go outside and make friends and enjoy, but there are many out there who don’t mean well,” Sunil Shetty had stated.

While Shetty’s foresight was almost 20/20; the likes of SRK had to make requests to the media not to put up pictures of his daughter from their private holidays cause they were indeed a ‘private’ affair and describing Suhana in a bikini was really not called for. Though, Jhanvi, Sridevi’s daughter (much older than Suhana) has already adapted to the constant media presence on her social pages and does cater to the demands. After all, she has made up her mind to act in movies before she even started walking, but not everyone is really preparing for the big break, so it is best to just pull out and give them some space. Wot?