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Lead Headline : ‘Champagne is bubbly, not me’ , says Parineeti Chopra


Parineeti Chopra tells Nikita Wadhawan why she doesn’t like to be called bubbly, and talks about her films and more…

There are not many actors who have taken a break at the peak of their career and lived to tell the tale, but that’s where being Priyanka Chopra’s sister pays off. Actress Parineeti Chopra entered Bollywood in a supporting role but soon created a niche for herself as a lead actress with films like Ishaqzaade and Hasse tho Phasee. Averse to being called a bubbly girl, spunky Parineeti is excited to make her singing debut in her next film Meri PyariBindu opposite Ayushman Khurrana. Excerpts from the interview…

How relatable are you with your character Bindu?
Bindu is a very irresponsible girl. I call her irresponsible as she is a flying bird; she is always trying new things, moving to new cities and so on. She just doesn’t finish anything that she starts. She is very spunky and energetic so because of that people are always trying to catch up with her. I am not that person. I am responsible, disciplined and meticulous. I’m a little more in control than Bindu but what we have in common is the passion for music. She is obsessed with singing and so am I.

Did you have a nostalgic feeling in the movie?
When I read the script that is what attracted me a lot, I went ‘wow I have songs like this that represent special moments in my life’. I am sure everyone will feel the same. But the best thing in the movie was that I got to sing all the songs.

Some singers are unhappy as actors have started singing for their films…
Since I am an entertainer I am going to entertain in every way possible. So when I act other actors should not feel offended; when I sing, singers should not be offended; when I dance, dancers should not be offended, and the list goes on. No one can tell me how I can entertain. Everyone should co-exist in this business. I am classical trained singer. But if we have released songs that are hits and people have accepted it then what is the problem? No one can decide if I am an amateur or not. Ayushman (Khurrana) is not trained singer but he has so many hit songs. This debate is just going around in circles and there is no right answer. Also, when a singer acts in their music video, I don’t object to it. Everybody should entertain the way they want to.

Media speculated a lot about your work when you were on your break and now you are back with Bindu. Do you feel vindicated?
It is not like I was not getting roles, I was getting offers but I was genuinely going through some health issues. I invested a lot of time with my health which I had neglected for a long time, plus I bought a new house and I had to work on making it the way I wanted it. Actually my break was only 10 months but as we were shooting for Bindu so that is why it seems a long break. Plus I was always shooting for advertisements.

You hate it when people call you a bubbly…
Champagne is bubbly not me. I know when you guys call me that you mean spunky. I agree, when directors see me they see a spunky girl and that is how I am, I have a great personality. People look to me when they want a character that has a lot of energy.

More than you, your Golmaal team has been promoting your film. How do you feel about that?
Golmaal team is very selfless; I can always talk to Rohit sir or Ajay sir when I have concerns about the film. They have become my gang of boys, I love shooting with them. Even while shooting they used to shout Bindu on the mike. I asked them why you are promoting my film, they just retort we will do it. There is a lot of genuine camaraderie amongst actors, even female actors, in the industry. The media might find it hard to believe it but it is true.

Do you like being compared to your sister?
Till my second film I was always defined as Priyanka’s cousin Parineeti. Only after my second film did I get my own identity, but she is now in a different league. She has been in the industry for 17 years before me so I don’t think there should be any comparisons.

Would you like to follow your sister to Hollywood?
Yes, I would love to. If I get a good script and a good role, why not? After all a film is a film.