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Laksh Lawani is a student for life!


Actor Laksh Lalwani, who is currently seen in Ekta Kapoor’s Pardes Mein Hai Na Dil, recently went to Pondicherry for an acting workshop. A source close to the actor tells FPJ, “Laksh started his acting career quite early so he believes in learning. He wants to improve and become better at his craft.”

When contacted, he tells us, “There is no age for learning; one can learn as many art forms they want in their life. It never stops. Before this also I went to an acting school which helped me hone my skills. Acting is an ongoing process. More you work on your skills, better it gets. I am a spontaneous actor. I believe one has to constantly improve one’s skills. Hard work is the only investment that never fails.”

Talking about the response to his character, he says, “I am overwhelmed by the response. The feedback has been good but still I want to improve. People like my character and performance, and I want to give them more.” Ask him about his philosophy of life, and he quips, “It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.” Food for thought!