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Kunal Kapoor takes up world politics


Kunal Kapoor

Move over Justin Trudeau, we might have a very own hunk to take on politics. Well, you never know where his studies are going to take him, this Kunal hunky Kapoor, I tell you.

The actor who is the co-founder of Asia’s largest crowd-funding platform is clearly the hottest nerd in town. The handsome and multi-talented Kunal is as likely to be seen at tech conferences, almost as often as he is at film awards. And now the talented actor has taken his neediness to the next level. Kunal who is currently shooting for his next movie ‘Veeram’ and Dharma Production’s next has taken a short break to study world politics and economics. Yes you heard it right, Kunal Kapoor is lapping up all the books on world politics, told you Trudeau’s days with Indian fans are over!

Before we get into that tangent, hear this as part of the prestigious Aspen global leadership network, Kunal spent the last ten days in China with politicians and entrepreneurs from across the globe. He put out pictures of himself on a social networking site, of heading to class and studying. He was quoted as saying ‘amazing how studying becomes so much more fun when you grow up. When it’s a choice not a chore’. Well, and we never realised being a geek could look this hot!  What do you think?