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Kubbra Sait aka Kukoo of Sacred Games talks about her nude scenes in web series; Details inside


cuckoo-Kubbra sait

Sacred Games actress Kubbra Sait aka ‘Kukoo’ has stunned her fans with her mesmerising performance in Netflix web series. But interestingly Kukoo is getting searched online for her nude scenes and people are also curious to know is she a real transgender. But when Kubrra was asked about her nude scenes and was she comfortable with the scenes in the web series, she said that she has no problem in pulling off the difficult scenes. “As an actor, none of that should bother you. My only roadblock would be if I wasn’t able to convince you that I am that person,” she told Hindustan Times.

Even her frontal nudity scenes is much talked about on internet, and Anurag Kashyap had made her do the scene seven times, “He (Anurag Kashyap) made me do the scene 7 times – every time after the scene, he would come to me and say I am making you do this so many times, sorry haan. Just one more time, ek aur baar, one more and I am going again, don’t hate me, I know you hate me, don’t hate me,” Kubbra had told Times Now.

Explaining the difficulty she had to face in shooting for the scene, the actress said that she would collapse on the floor crying after every shot.

“I would literally fall on the floor crying every time. He made me cry real-time seven times. And when we finished the scene, I was still crying on the floor and he hugged me and said I love you so much and thank you for giving me this scene. I walked out of the room and everyone clapped, I didn’t know it was so beautifully done,” Kubbra had told the publication.