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KRK decides to troll Mohanlal, faces wrath of Malayalis


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Don’t angry Malayalis! Well, it may sound a bit filmy. But we all are aware of the wrath as well as the wit of Malayalis on social media. From Narendra Modi (for comparison between Kerala and Somalia) to United States President Donald Trump (for criticising Fidel Castro), everyone has tasted it. A recent name to be updated in the list is KRK, yes! no one’s favourite Kamaal R Khan.

The actor-turned critic is popular, of course in a wrong way, for criticising celebrities on social media. But he was in for a surprise when on Wednesday his Twitter handle was filled with comments (abuses) in a language he is unable to read i.e. Malayali. Well the reason behind this troll is his tweet about actor Mohanlal. Apparently in the Rs 1,000 crore film Randamoozham (Mahabharata), Mohanlal has been cast to play Bhima. And this didn’t go well with KRK. So he tweeted, “Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of B R Shetty?”

KRK tried to act smart by pretending that he is not affected by the abuses and further mocked the star by saying that he looked like a joker in few movies of Ram Gopal Verma.

After all the trolling, KRK posts another tweets in which he calls Mohanlal old-fashioned for using Facebook and his fans mawalis, uneducated and old-thinking people.

Well, we all are aware of the fact that in the past Mohanlal’s fans have hacked website of Pakistan Electric Power Company, National University of Modern Languages, Lahore Campus (NUML) and Pakistan’s People’s Party after they came to know about the actor’s website called ‘The Complete Actor’ got hacked by Pakistanis. The fans went a step ahead by replacing Mohanlal’s picture in all the website’s homepage. Also, the homepage of NUML’s website read, “Feel the power of Indian mad hunter, don’t dare to mess with us, otherwise Kashmir toh hoga lekin Pakistan nhi hoga.”

Mallu Cyber Soldiers today hacked KRK’s social media accounts and e-mail address. The group in a Facebook post said that after few hours of efforts they are successful in accessing KRK’s Twitter and Facebook recover e-mail and also informed KRK about his accounts being compromised. But after getting no revert from him the group has decided to attack his main income source ‘adsense’. They further writes, “Mr KRK forget your ad earnings, we are now going to shut down your Google ad revenue account.”

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