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Kriti Sanon says she has an emotional outburst post a messed-up debut ramp walk


She may have started her career as a model before eventually making it big in films, but actor Kriti Sanon said her first ever ramp walk was so horrible. Kriti said during her ramp debut she was so nervous that she messed up the order and was scolded by the choreographer.

“I remember my first ramp walk clearly, because I had really messed it up. It was in Delhi, and I was walking in a lawn. It gets very difficult walking with heels because it sort of goes into the ground and it isn’t very walk-friendly. It was my first walk, I was very nervous and I mixed up the order. The choreographer was very rude and she blasted me in front of all the models. I didn’t work with her post that. I remember sitting back in an auto and I was feeling so bad, I started crying a lot. I can never forget that,” Kriti told reporters.

She was speaking at the launch of the new car, where she walked the ramp at the event and said coming back to a fashion event feels like home. “It’s always nice to walk the ramp. You feel beautiful in the outfits you are wearing, you feel like you own the place. It is so fast, it gets over quickly, but it is a lot of fun.”

During the event, the actress also spoke about her memories of an amateur driver. Kriti Sanon loves driving cars, but says that she can tell from her personal experience that it’s a bad idea for girls to have their father’s company on their first drive.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Kriti learnt how to drive during her college days. Recounting her first memory of driving, she said: “It was college first year. I had got my learner’s license and that was the first day I was driving a car. It was exciting for me because before that I only tried my hand at cars of the motor school during my driving classes. My dad was sitting next to me and he was anxious from the beginning. I had to take a U-turn and because of the steering issue, my dad panicked and I panicked even more, and I banged the car into the divider. I think girls shouldn’t take their dads on their first ever drive.” –Agencies