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Kriti Kharbanda: There is always a future


Kriti Kharbanda tells that she doesn’t let box office failure affect her and speaks about her filmy journey so far

You have dabbled in many genres: horror, romance, comedy. Which is closer to your heart?

For me, the romance what I did in the movie ‘Shaadi Mein Jaroor Aana’ is something closest to my heart. I also want to explore further the horror genre. I think it is a very interesting genre.  I am looking forward to it.

You have acted in Telugu, Kanada and Tamil films before entering Bollywood. What difference do you find between the South Indian film industry and Hindi film industry?

I feel no difference. I worked there also, and I am working in Bollywood. I think there are no good and bad industries, there are only good and bad people. Everybody wants to make great film and everybody wants to put out great content. Everybody also wants to make money out of it, so we should be clear about our goals. I am very clear about one thing that I want to be a really good actor and want to be a star at the same time and I will do whatever it takes in whatever industry to make it happen.

You are a big star down South, but in Bollywood, your movies get a lukewarm response. How do you look at it?

There is always a future. There is always tomorrow. I haven’t given up and I will not give up. I have taken baby steps and I have got into this path because of that. I will continue to work hard and will make it happen. I am not worried. I believe in myself and I know I have it in me. If not today, tomorrow it will happen.

Tell us about your association with Goonj foundation?

I did a campaign for Myntra and they told me whatever old clothes we donate online will go to Goonj. We actors are very privileged. I want to extend that privilege to someone else. As actors, we don’t repeat our clothes. It might come in useful for someone else. Goonj is the foundation that is really putting them out there and they want to make sure that everybody in their own capacity is feeling good about them and is covered from head to toe. A lot of people don’t have that in their life. As a person, I want to extend my privileges for others. My motive in life apart from myself is to be there for people and do good to others. My ultimate goal in life is to start an old age home.

You are also associated with Teach for Change campaign. Tell us something about that too.

Teach for Change is a foundation where they train people to go ahead and teach. They have courses that vary from two years to four years and they want people to go and teach. They look for volunteers who are willing to go to remote parts of the country to educate people not in terms of only bookish knowledge. In our towns and cities, people concentrate on educating the girl child but they forget that the boy child also needs to be educated. Teach for Change wants every child who can’t afford should get an education.

Do you think the standard success formula in Bollywood is to work with the Khans and Kapoors? Or is it changing?

This trend is changing. I have worked with Rajkummar Rao. He is not a Khan or a Kapoor. Today he is one of the reasons that India is most proud of. Everything is changing. Many people are not from the industry, but they have made their own name. It is not about Khans and Kapoors. It is an honour to work with Khans and Kapoors. But I also believe that there are enough people in the industry who have a talent to be able to run a movie without the support of biggies. Rajkummar Rao’s movie made it to the Oscars. Similarly, Kartik Aaryan struggled a lot and now entered the 100 crore club. We outsiders don’t have any comparison and we don’t have any pressure to carry a legacy forward.

Who is your fashion icon in Bollywood?

I really look up to Deepika Padukone. I love the way she has conducted herself over the years. She made herself a better actor and I think she is also a lovely person. Everything she wears and everything she puts on looks amazing.

Which contemporary actress do you see as your biggest competitor? Why?

 Ans: I don’t know about competition but I look up to Alia Bhatt and I love her choice of films. She is a great actor. She has never taken her career for granted. I really admire her.

Tell us something about your upcoming films.

Ans: I am just finishing work on Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir se. I am playing a cameo in Dulquer Salman’s Bollywood debut ‘Karwaan’.