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KJo chronicles his success journey


He’s a successful filmmaker, chat show host, reality TV show judge, a writer and more rolled into one. But Karan Johar says when he was entering showbiz, he faced questions doubting what he could do.”At the very beginning of my career there were questions that doubted me on what I would achieve years down the line. It’s simple… The answers lie within, so keep seeking,” Karan said during the launch of a brand’s initiative.

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He went down memory lane in his new Dharma Productions office as the brand celebrated his personal progress through a video.”The new Dharma Productions office is a symbol of my success,” said Karan.The 60-second digital video has been executed by Dharma 2.0 team and directed by Sharan Sharma. It juxtaposes the brand with Karan’s journey, which has all been about defying norms.