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Kishwer, Suyyash Rai slams Anusha Dandekar for making fun of friend’s accent


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VJ Anusha Dandekar has been making headlines recently. And no, this has nothing to do with her professional life. Anusha unwittingly picked a fight with TV star Kishwer Merchantt when she recently posted an Instagram story making fun of the actress’ friends.

The Instagram story featured Anusha and her good friend VJ Gaelyn mocking the accent of Kishwer’s friends. Kishwer Merchantt who is known for being one of the most opinionated ex- Bigg Boss contestant got miffed with the VJ. Soon Kishwer got support from her husband Suyyash Rai who never expected such insensitive behaviour from Anusha who has been spreading a lot of ‘gyaan’ about respecting others while hosting numerous TV shows.

It so happened that Kishwer posted a fun Instagram story with her friends Rahul Sharma and Gurneet Chadha. Anusha, who is dating television heartthrob Karan Kundra trolled the two for their weird English accent with her friend VJ Gaelyn in a video that she shared on her Instagram story. As Kishwer came across Anusha’s video insulting her friends, she could not refrain from taking a dig at the video jockey. “VJ Anusha nt everyone is from Australia and nt everyone has tht accent.. but they are my friends and they have a good heart.. unlike u and vj gaelyn who are sitting and making fun of two people on ur insta story u dnt even knw #disgusting,” read the picture which Kishwer shared on her Instagram.

Further Kishwer revealed the names of her friends in her post and captioned the image, “It’s sad when a 35yr old doesn’t knw how to behave @vjanusha @vjgaelyn .. grow up!!! And fyi the guy in the video is @rahullsharma and the girl is @gur4neet.. now u knw them!!!”

A few moments later, Suyyash shared his wife’s post and bashed the two video jockeys. “People consider u guys their role models / idols … it doesnt suit u guys @vjanusha @vjgaelyn . Disappointed seriously…U guys r probably trippin on something and enjoying but unfortunately for you they are my frns. U shudnt have put this on ur socail networking websites specially wen there millions of people looking up2 u…and unfortunately they are your FANS :)”
As soon as Kishwer and Suyyash’s post went viral on social media, Anusha clarified her stance on the entire incident as she replied to Suyyash’s post saying, “It was a video we found really funny, we wouldn’t make fun of anyone, it wasn’t meant to be offensive! @suyyashrai.” Suyyash who was in no mood to let go of the issue easily, wrote, “@vjanusha he is childhood frn n she is my sister i guess i have all d right to get offended. And making fun is not d problem…m sure we all do…we dont put it on social media…where millions of people follow u… u make fun of hindi accent… india is where u have made ur career here in India and how good is to make fun of the accent right… and seriously? Instead of feelin sorry u r still justifying wat u n that chic did?”

Interestingly, Karan Kundra who has been quite vocal about his love for Anusha has neither come out in support of his girlfriend, nor has he spoken in favour of Suyyash.