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Kay Kay Menon, who wants to leave a legacy behind, says to achieve this an actor should avoid being stereotyped


He is one of the most versatile yet underappreciated performers in Bollywood, but Kay Kay Menon says he is optimistic about future and wants to leave a legacy of good cinema behind. The formula for that, Menon says, is that an actor should avoid being stereotyped in roles or genres. “I never play roles, I play people. The reason being that roles are finite in nature. They can be of a cop, a teacher, a professor or whatever. There is no point in doing that,” Menon says.

The actor, in the city to promote his latest film “Vodka Diaries”, believes there are only a certain number of roles in the world but what makes them memorable is the human aspect of it. “People are infinite, roles are finite. If I am playing Rakesh Maria (‘Black Friday’) and Ashwini Dixit (‘Vodka Diaries’), they will be automatically different,” he says.

The actor has a similar approach towards film genres. He says, he does not bother much about being a part of a particular genre. “According to me, any genre is a post factor statement. You can’t pre-decide that you are going to work in this movie or that. No. That means you are limiting yourself. Once you finish the film, let the cinema pundits do their job of analysing the film,” he says.

“I guess there is space for all genres provided you are good at storytelling. The idea is that we need to know how to tell a story interestingly. I don’t really care if that story is a thriller or a love story.”

On lighter note, he says, he is confident that “apart from reducing my height, I can do anything.”