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Katrina Kaif new look getting more weightage on her ethereal look


Katrina Kaif

Anyone who has seen Katrina over the last few years would agree she is looking her best now, there is something about the amount of weight she has lost and the grace she always posed that gives her this ethereal look. However, when asked about her diet regime, the extensive list of Dos and Donts left us all a bit staggering. The lady hasn’t missed one single day without working out, which includes her vacation time too. She ensures her diet is always in check no matter where she is, ‘indulging taste buds is too expensive for the body’ she says..

Funny this coming from the actress who couldn’t for the life of her understand how Akshay Kumar could be so finicky about what he eats.  “He would be polishing off fruits for lunch, making sure he is up at dawn to work out, I cannot for the life of me understand how he is so disciplined about everything he does. He just doesn’t lax, what more he has made it his way of life and that way there seems to be a natural disposition to get it right, I don’t know how he got there,” these words Katrina might have surely forgotten cause anyone who sees her today is shocked by her dedication.

“Even if the shoot gets over really late in the night, you will find Katrina making sure that she is going over to the gym to have her workout, there is no easy way that girl takes. She is so hardworking, it is really amazing,” quipped her costar Sidharth Malhotra who shares screen with her in a rom-com BAAR BAAR DEKHO.