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Katrina Aditya secretly dating


Buzz is that Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur are seeing each other. Yes! That’s right! The couple is currently together on a ‘workation’ for Dream Team in the US and as per reports; they are secretly getting too close for comfort. In fact, word is that they are even paired opposite each other in this year’s Dream Team performances so right from rehearsals to everywhere; this blooming romance is just getting deeper with every passing day. Ahem! Ahem!

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Well, now we dunno if this is a rebound relationship considering Katrina is just out of heartbreak with ex Ranbir Kapoor. But if at all she’s really found love again, then it’s kind of beautiful don’t you think so? I mean, Katrina and Adi make such a gorgeous pair together.

And add to that, their easy bonding which traces back to the times even when Katrina was in a steady relationship with Ranbir. It’s like Adi has always been Katrina’s constant confidant, the proof of which also came evident during the promotions of their last release, Fitoor.

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It was during the same time when Katrina was coping up to her breakup with Ranbir and you could indeed see how Adi tried every way to make Kat feel good about her life no matter what goes wrong. Oh! How can we forget that picture where Adi had actually gone down on his knees for Katrina with a bouquet of red roses…