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Karisma Kapoor to opt for live-in?


Two years ago, protective younger sister Kareena Kapoor had lashed out at rumours linking Karisma and reported beau, Sandeep Toshniwal. Back then, Karisma’s divorce had yet to come through and much muck was being tossed around.

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Bebo had risen to her sister’s defence, telling the media, “Lolo will never remarry. Leave her alone, her divorce hasn’t come through yet. It’s a traumatic time for her.”

Well, now that all has evidently ended well and amicably, Lolo is moving on with more confidence. She and Sandeep, the CEO of a Mumbai-based pharma company, made an appearance together at Kareena’s home to visit the mama-to-be Bebo, who is due anytime now.

What’s more, there were no more cat and mouse games, as the couple didn’t flee on being spotted and clicked by the photographers outside the building.

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This is something to chew on, as Karisma has been scrupulously guarded about her private life, thus far. This move lends credence to the talk that the two are very serious about each other and are considering moving in together. Word has it that Sandeep has been doing the rounds of flats in Bandra to find a suitable home for his beloved and her two kids.

This could be the initial step before they decide to tie the knot.
And as for Bebo, never say never, darling!