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Kareena Kapoor Khan birthday: Mommy Bebo’s incredible weight loss journey


Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan turns 37 today. We all know that she is a fitness freak and has been an inspirational to many women. She became fat to fit, and surprised the audience with her size zero figure for ‘Tashan’, starring Saif Ali Khan.

She is now a mommy of little munchkin Taimur Ali Khan. She took good care of herself during pregnancy days, eating ghee, curd and rice and food needed for proper growth of child. Bebo then slowly but gradually started working on losing the 18 kilos she put on during her pregnancy.

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After pregnancy, in an interview, accompanied by her dietician Rujuta Diwekar on Facebook, she shared tips and her routine with the media that she follows. She revealed her post pregnancy weight loss plans and gave tips to mothers on how to have a flawless glowing skin after delivery. Take a look here…

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“I flaunted my weight till my delivery… I didn’t care”
A dashing women, who did not bother to flaunting her baby bump in public or a fashion show. She walked the ramp for the Lakme Fashion Week, where she looked adorable and she proudly flaunted her bump on the ramp. During the interactive session, Kareena revealed that she carried her baby with lot of love and joy. She says, she was comfortable about her weight gain and wasn’t bothered what people thought. “I carried Taimur with a lot of strength and lot of energy and a lot of joy that I was going to share with my fans. I put on 18 kilos but I flaunted it till I reached the hospital. Of course, it’s coming off with love and patience, and the most important thing is that I enjoyed my pregnancy and I ate well,”

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“Can’t lose weight overnight”
She further shared that she wasn’t obsessing over her weight and she was confident that even if it takes time, she’ll come back to her normal weight. Talking about her weight loss, she shared, “Fact is that am not obsessing over what I can’t eat. We need to follow a pattern where we are stronger. I am multitasking, I need my brain not to be ratty. Tired and ratty, I can’t afford to be like that.

“Everything has its place. I’m trying to, it takes time. I can’t do it overnight. I might do it in six months. I want people to understand and accept me in every phase. We’re constantly being monitored. It’s not to lose weight, the idea is to feel happy and energetic. I’m not rushing in to it because in the last nine months, everything inside changed…So we have to start in progression. Right now I’m eating rice in the night and day, we’re preparing the body,” she stated adding, “I’m feeling great, looking better.”

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In diet, she ate khichdi, gud, and Bajra Roti
We were surprised when Kareena’s revealed what she ate during pregnancy. “I wanted to get into Tashan diet. But Rujuta said not to rush. I am eating rice both the times. I will gradually lose weight. I have been eating khichdi and bajra roti, gud (jaggery), one spoon of ghee and a glass of milk every day. This is my food after pregnancy!” she added.

Kareena’s post-pregnancy diet
She reveals how she got her glowing skin back, post pregnancy. As she added above, she mentioned that food like khichdi, bajra roti, and gud (jaggery) have also lent her glowing skin and helped her body get its strength back. She also added that pulses have also been an integral part of the post-pregnancy diet.

“A big reason for is not only to include items with amino acid profile, but also for the fibre and more importantly for the minerals. A lot of women feel bloated and it’s because of a deficiency of a variety of dals in our diet,” said Rujuta who also got her new book cover Pregnancy Notes inaugurated by the new mum.

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Kareena’s post-pregnancy diet tips
Kareena, during the interactions session, shed light on important aspects beneficial for a new mother, who is planning to shed pregnancy weight.

Exercise: Kareena revealed that walking is the best form of exercise post pregnancy and clubbed with simple yoga asanas, it can be immensely beneficial to shed pregnancy weight.

Opt for an Indian diet: Instead of trying to follow a crash diet or western diets, new Indian mums should include desi superfoods in their diet. This includes, ghee, jaggery, dals, lentils, bajra and even rice.

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Give time to your body: As Kareena mentioned, she is giving her body that time to heal. New mums must remember that rushing into getting back into shape is not the ideal way to lose weight. In fact, it can lead to more disorders.

Basic tips from Kareena Kapoor’s Yoga for weight loss
Kareena has been working hard to get back into perfect figure. She prefers exercise, but do you know she loves yoga instead of gym. Her smooth weight loss happens on account of yoga, cardio and strict diet. She has beauty with perfect body and maintains the same due to yoga.

Yoga Tips
Warm up
Power yoga to lose fat
Hot yoga to shed extra calories
Surya Namaskar to maintain maximum flexibility and giving slim shape to her body. She does it 50 times every day.
Ashtanga yoga for developing concentration and stamina.
Bikram yoga for weight loss and fat burning.
Naukasana (Boat pose) for abs and to lose fat from belly.
Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) for weight loss and to ease back strain
Parvatasna: to strengthening arms
Virabhadra asana for legs flexibility and suppleness.
Kapalbhati (Breathing exercise)
Pranayama makes her stress free and cool.
Meditation for relaxation and stress free life.

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