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Kareena is the sitting duck for gossip hounds


kareena kapoorTOIFA Awards 2016

Ever since Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy news has come out everyone is going bonkers just to get a glimpse of her, get a picture of her and circle some hardly been seen baby bump. Obviously Kareena is not keen on playing to the gallery. The actress is already looking forward to getting her work assignments in place and finished before she needs to go on a break. Apparently, Bebo is already preparing to play the pregnant sister in VEEREY DI SHAADI along with Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar next but people are far more curious to know about her baby, rather than her movie plans.

Given the curiosity about her unborn child the media has already put up stories about how the parents have flown over to London to determine the sex of the child. The word is out that the Nawab and his begum are expecting a boy however it is only a matter of time till rumour runs into explosive course cause everyone out there is only waiting for the stars to make a slip.

Given no one spared SRK, when it was hinted that they had determined the sex of the baby before AbRam was born, Saif and Kareena would be equally if not more susceptible to such malicious rumours.

“Sex determination in India is banned and celebrities being celebrities if they have gone ahead and determined the sex of the child, it shows poorly in society which is struggling so hard to spread awareness against female feticide,” quipped our source, stating Kareena would be walking into a scandal with her eyes wide open if such rumours are proved to be true.